The craftsman's choice.

We have put a lot of thought into the design of this leather apron to produce a high quality, practical, and long lasting product that we use everyday.

It is made of 4-5oz. Kodiak hide naturally tanned and oiled to give its outstanding strength and durability whilst remaining supple and comfortable to wear.

Our workshop apron comes with a unique cross-braces design, a chest pocket, two sides loops perfect for carrying hammers and other hand tools, and a split between the legs making it more comfortable when seating.

Do let us know if you wish to customise your apron. We can add additional pockets, and the braces are also available in black.

The aprons are made to order and the delivery time may vary.

For queries and further information, email us at enquiries@storik.co.uk

Modelled by Laurent and Stuart.

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