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We are an interdisciplinary design studio with work in the realms of art, architecture and automotive engineering.





“We cater for a variety of projects under one roof in our design studio and atelier, offering project guidance, consultations, design and manufacturing services, tailored specifically to client brief and aspirations. We believe in recognising quality and add value to each of our projects with our professional and creative skills. Our services come with the benefit of our uniquely combined set of professional skills, knowledge and experience in the fields of architecture and automotive engineering.”


DESIGN studio

In the studio we develop our ideas and love to design

Our studio is a dynamic and creative environment where we provide a tailored service to our clients to discuss their individual projects and aspirations. From initial conversations, we provide concept designs which we develop and oversee through to construction.

Our varied skillsets permit us to cater for a variety of bespoke projects, and our work is steadily growing into undertaking work in architecture and interior design, whilst exploring the potential of the sculptural form in our ongoing creative research, furniture and product design work.

We offer a full range of architectural services from initial conception through to completion on site. We help to communicate, coordinate, and collaborate across the wider design team to deliver well informed design proposals. We also work closely with other professionals including structural engineers, landscape architects, industrial designers, heating and lighting specialists, and liaise with local planning authorities.



  • Design Consultation

  • Full Architectural Services

  • 2D Visualisations & 3D Modelling

  • Interior Design

  • Furniture Design

  • Product Design

  • Graphic Design

  • Landscape Design

  • Sculptural Commissions

  • Planning Applications

  • Building Regulations Applications

  • Site Inspections


CREATIVE atelier

In the atelier we process our ideas and designs to create

Our creative laboratory is the atelier in which our ideas and designs come to life. We specialise in sheet metal fabrication and coachbuilding, using traditional and modern techniques for bespoke projects, as well as the restoration or modification of vintage and classic vehicles. 

Our in house machine shop and fabrication area allows quality and timescale control over highly specialised work. We work with a variety of metals including steel, aluminium, brass and copper. We produce steel and aluminium bodywork for the restoration of vintage and classic cars and motorcycles as well as bespoke custom projects.

We love to work with natural and industrial materials to create beautiful and unique work. We undertake the design and realisation of bespoke projects including furniture and sculpture. Our products are handmade and finished with the highest level of detail, care and craft, each delivered to meet specific requirements.



  • Bespoke Automotive Projects

  • Restoration of Vintage & Classic Vehicles

  • Custom Motorcycles

  • Sculptural Metalwork

  • Bespoke Furniture

  • Project Consultation

  • Design & Manufacture Services

  • Sheet Metal Fabrication & Welding

  • Workshops in Traditional Sheet Metalwork & Wheeling



In our workshops we seek to engage with others to inspire

We love to share our knowledge and skills with individuals who are inspired by our work and have an interest in the art of metal shaping.

We offer ‘one to one’ and ‘two to one’ courses all year round and welcome all levels of experience. We will show you how to produce hand finished panels and components with basic tools and equipment and also demonstrate how to use a wheeling machine to produce smooth surfaces on complex double curvature panels.

Courses can be tailored to suit your needs and focus on specific techniques. During the course, we can also touch upon the following in addition to the adjacent list of activities:

  • Pattern making: Measuring and marking out complex shapes and structures accurately

  • Jig building: Constructing basic jigs and fixtures to aid reproduction of original parts

  • Body construction: Aligning panels to create flowing bodylines and parallel gaps

  • Tool making: How to construct simple tooling to replicate original recesses etc.

At the end of the course, you will go away with a valuable set of skills and confidence necessary to tackle your own project. 



  • Shaping: Hand forming and smoothing double curvature panels to accurately fit a jig and hammering smooth over a steel dolly. We will also teach you elementary use of the wheeling machine.

  • Flanging: Shrinking and stretching metal to form convex & concave curved flange. You will also learn how to wire a flanged edge.

  • TIG welding: Joining thin sheets of metal using a TIG welder with or without adding filler rod depending on the application. This is an important technique used in the making and fitting of repair panels and high quality fabrication to produce strong and aesthetically pleasing weld joints.

  • Oxy-acetylene [gas] welding: Joining thin sheets of metal using a gas torch with or without adding filler rod depending on the material and application. This is a traditional technique used in the making and fitting of repair panels to achieve a seamless joint.

  • Annealing: Annealing aluminium alloy to aid shaping.