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We are an interdisciplinary design studio with work in the realms of art, architecture and automotive engineering.





“We are an interdisciplinary design studio with work in the realms of art, architecture and automotive engineering. Our practice and research is underpinned by a deeply rooted passion for design.”

Today the STORIK studio exists as a creative and collaborative platform for creating beautiful and meaningful work with a focus and commitment to quality design. The venture began with an enquiry into recognising quality in design. Following an extensive career in the automotive industry in France and the UK, Laurent Amann founded STORIK in 2013 as a creative design and fabrication studio. Together with his partner Benzir, who is a registered British architect, the pair developed the company in 2018 with the aim to combine their professional skills and expertise in their work.

Laurent and Benzir have a wide range of knowledge and experience in the fields of automotive engineering and architecture. Together they have a unique approach to their work in their studio which bridges different professional disciplines, engages the design with the making, and addresses the past with the present. At the heart of every STORIK project there is a spirit of care, shared curiosity and creative partnership resulting in functional work created to inspire and delight.

“We are inspired by the geometry and forms found in nature. Our shared love for craftsmanship and our natural curiosity for materials push us to experiment by merging traditional workshop techniques with modern technology.

The creative process defines everything. For us the act of designing is never really complete as we find ourselves evaluating, questioning and redefining our methods. We value each step of the design process, from the very first hand drawn sketches, to the 3D modelling and the detailed technical drawings, from the early maquette, to the last nut and bolt of a fully assembled piece of work.

It is our firm belief that by embracing each step of the process of experimentation and research, we can design and create beautiful and uncompromising work. We strive for authenticity, transparency, and integrity in everything we do.”




The company logo and emblem is an hommage to the white storks of Alsace. It is Alsatian for ‘stork’ and is phonetically written as ‘storik,’pronounced “sh-tor-ek,” in Alsacien.

These majestic white birds are gracious, tenacious and loyal creatures who take part in an annual migration to the same nest for the entire duration of their lives. In the spring season, they fly from Africa to their destination to the Rhineland and eastern Europe following the warm weather across the continent. They can be seen from far and wide perched on their nests on the rooftops of houses and churches all over the region of Alsace.

“Our soaring storik symbolises freedom, dedication, endurance, and a love for travel, which are the very qualities we live and work by to design, create and inspire.”





FD Eng MCI (Moteur à Combustion Interne)

design engineer | COMPANY DIRECTOR

Laurent is a maker by nature, and he is deeply passionate about his work.

He has worked in the motorsport industry over the past twenty years with experience in the design and development of internal combustion engines and racing vehicles, and the mass production of automotive components for the international market.

He has lived and worked in Le Mans for six years working for some of the most renowned companies in the field before moving to the UK in 2007. Throughout his career, he has been instrumental in the undertaking and completion of numerous distinguished projects, with experience in design development, manufacturing and project management.

In the STORIK atelier, he is always extending his expertise through creative research and he strives to achieve balance and elegance of form in his creations. With a meticulous attention to detail, Laurent has completed projects based on some of the most iconic machines.

Laurent is a member of the VSCC and has always had an interest for industrial design and a great passion for vintage and classic vehicles. His love for motorcycles in particular developed at an early stage.


“My first interest in motorcycles developed when, at the age of six, I discovered that my father had kept in the basement of our house, the old 1928 350cc Soyer motorcycle which belonged to my grandfather. I would find any opportunity to sneak down in the dark and dusty basement, find my way to the bike, climb on to it, and dream of riding it for hours.

I was fascinated by the aesthetic of this machine. I remember perfectly the feel of the brass handles as I was desperately trying to reach the handlebars and the fantastic combination of colours and textures, where, brass, copper, metal, nickel, rough cast aluminium and leather worked together in perfect harmony. The machine had a wonderful smell, a blend of oil and old fuel. That moment was a revelation to me…

I haven’t stopped thinking, dreaming, breathing and talking about motorcycles since. These machines are much more than just a way of transport. These machines are an obsession and they have definitely shaped my life."





BSc (Hons) MArch PGDip ARB RIBA


Benzir is a designer at heart and cannot discuss a project without pencil and paper to hand.

She graduated from the Welsh School of Architecture in 2010, and is a chartered member of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).

Before joining STORIK, she worked for a number of well established and award winning practices in England and Wales. Her professional experience extends from residential, commercial to ecclesiastical work. As Project Architect she has worked with both private and commercial clients and her experience includes defining initial design briefs, concept and design development through to project management and delivery.

With a positive outlook to life and work, she has a natural ability to connect with people and understand their aspirations. She approaches all projects with careful consideration towards feasibility, design, construction and management, with the aim to realise complex briefs on time and budget.

She is undertaking innovative architectural, sculptural and furniture design projects within the studio.


“Architecture is my passion. It has defined the way I feel about the world around me. A career in the field was a natural choice as it combined my enjoyment for problem solving, love for the visual arts, craftsmanship and the natural environment.

From my earliest memories of playing in the earthen courtyards of my grandparents’ home in Bangladesh, to the more recent expeditions across Europe, crossing Venetian bridges, bathing in Roman baths and sitting at the foot of the temple of Apollo; I have come to realise that the way I experience these moments have been a life long fascination.

Imagining, designing, creating has always been more than just work, it has been my way of life. Composing light, sound and materials for people to interact with is both revealing and an empowering experience. It affects the shape of our future and prompts us to look back to evaluate and explore what came before us.

As an architect today, I’d like to think that I make a difference in the way others feel about the environment around them.”