We specialise in sheet metal fabrication and coachbuilding, using traditional and modern techniques for bespoke projects, as well as the restoration or modification of vintage and classic vehicles. 

Our approach to each project is uniquely defined and our atelier is equipped with a machine shop and fabrication area which allows quality and timescale control over highly specialised and unique work. Our working method involves the process of finding balance in form, function and rationality through innovative design and technology. Our research is based on the many elements which come together to create quality machines, including historical precedents, an understanding of the natural forces, mechanical principles and crucially, an appreciation for the lessons learnt from the past.

We work collaboratively with our clients in the design process for each machine. We believe that energy and air are a key requirement to ignite these complex sculptural forms, but it is essential to have an individual’s emotional and sensory connectivity to the sound, smell and the trembling feeling of speed when in motion, to bring these kinetic sculptures to life.