A Triumph Trident Called RAFALE

Rafale means ‘gust of wind’ in French and is the driving metaphor of the body and soul of this stunning café racer, based on a 1975 Triumph Trident Triple.

The work carried out on this Triumph Trident is pays homage to classic racing and artisanal metal work, typical of the golden age of traditional coachbuilding.

The project was outlined from the very beginning to be a light, fast and sophisticated motorcycle with a narrow bodywork.

The sculptural form is inspired by aeronautical and pre-war industrial design.


750cc race specs engine

Roadrace camshaft

Lightened crankshaft

Carillo conrods

Titanium valves

Ported cylinder head

Close ratio gearbox

Lightened primary drive & clutch

Modified oil in frame

Ceriani forks

Maxton rear shocks

AP lockheed brakes

Full aluminium body work by STORIK

Swinging arm by STORIK

Exhaust system by STORIK

18” AKRONT rims

Antigravity battery

Trispark electronic ignition

Motogadget Chronoclassic

Leatherwork by Jun Takakuda

Paintwork & ceramic coating by Flying Tiger Paintwork

Photo credits: Gun Hill Studios