Renaux Tricycle / c.1899

The curious case of the extraordinary renaux TRICYCLe

In August 1899, Mr Renaux took part in the Paris - St Malo race, travelling 372 km in seven hours and eleven minutes, at an average speed of 52 km/h… with a tricycle.

This was with no ordinary trike… this was a special c.1899 Renaux Tricycle featuring a strong (500cc) cylinder capacity and a liquid cooling system.

One hundred and nineteen years later, this rare and exceptional machine found its way into a French auction house waiting to be resuscitated.

We were fortunate enough to contribute to the restoration of this vehicle by producing the water cooling brass expansion tank and exhaust line.


Renaux Tricycle 5HP, 1899

Brass metal work by STORIK Ltd.

Full restoration carried out by Jonathan Wood Vintage & Thoroughbred Restorations Ltd.

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Wood Vintage & Thoroughbred Restorations Ltd.