The beautiful Bimota DB1 caferacer of Made In Italy Motorcycles’ chief John Fallon

With over thirty years years of building, riding and dealing motorcycles, John Fallon has the expertise, knowledge and experience in quality machines.

John’s vision for his Bimota DB1 cafe racer project is a testament for his love and passion for Italian motorcycles.

When John came across this heavily modified Bimota DB1, he ceased the opportunity to turn his vision for the project into reality.

The original Bimota DB1 featured a beautiful and aerodynamic full fairing, but covered the trellis frame and the beautiful Ducati Pantha 750cc Desmodromic v-twin engine from sight.

John’s decision to modify and customise the body to include a 70’s inspired half fairing and a fuel tank inspired by Imola and MV 750 styling was bold.

It has brought the beloved Bimota DB1 back to the contemporary caferacer scene.

“I wanted to build a DB1 to the same high standards as Bimota would have, but in a style they may have used if it was conceived in the 1970s rather than the ’80s.”



Ducati cross engine

Ducati swinging arm

Period endurance brakes & suspensions

Design & fabrication of aluminium body by STORIK Ltd.

Fibreglass fairing

Paintwork by Flying Tiger Paintwork

Photo courtesy of John Fallon.