Traditional Sheet Metalwork and Wheeling Courses



At STORIK we offer one to one and two to one courses all year round for those who wish to learn the art of traditional sheet metalwork and wheeling. We welcome all levels of experience.

We will show you how to produce hand finished panels and components with basic tools and equipment and also demonstrate how to use a wheeling machine to produce smooth surfaces on complex double curvature panels.



Courses can be tailored to suit your needs and we can focus on specific techniques such as:


Shaping: Hand forming and smoothing double curvature panels to accurately fit a jig and hammering smooth over   a steel dolly.                       We will also teach you elementary use of the wheeling machine

Flanging: Shrinking and stretching metal to form convex and concave curved flange. You will also learn how to   wire a flanged                          edge


TIG welding: Joining thin sheets of metal using a TIG welder with or without adding filler rod depending on the   application. This is                          an important technique used in the making and fitting of repair panels and high quality   fabrication to produce strong                        and aesthetically pleasing weld joints.


Oxy-acetylene [gas] welding: Joining thin sheets of metal using a gas torch with or without adding filler rod   depending on the                                                          material and application. This is a traditional technique used in the making and fitting of   repair                                                            panels to achieve a seamless joint

Annealing: Annealing aluminium alloy to aid shaping



During the course we can also touch upon:

Pattern making: Measuring and marking out complex shapes and structures accurately

Jig building: Constructing basic jigs and fixtures to aid reproduction of original parts

Body construction: Aligning panels to create flowing bodylines and parallel gaps

Tool making: How to construct simple tooling to replicate original recesses etc



At the end of the course, you will go away with a valuable set of skills and confidence necessary to tackle your own project. 



Prices:                2-day course:  £450.00           [£100.00 deposit required]

                            4-day course:  £850.00           [£200.00 deposit required]



Terms and conditions:

Please phone to confirm availability.

A deposit is required to secure your booking. The full payment must be made at the latest one week before the course begins.

The deposit is not refundable.