"My first interest in motorcycles developed when, at the age of 6, I discovered that my father had kept in the basement of our house, the old 1928 350cc Soyer motorcycle which belonged to my grandfather. I would find any opportunity to sneak down in the dark and dusty basement, find my way to the bike, climb on to it, and dream of riding it for hours. I was fascinated by the aesthetic of this machine. I remember perfectly the feel of the brass handles as I was desperately trying to reach the handlebars and the fantastic combination of colours and textures, where, brass, copper, metal, nickel, rough cast aluminium and leather worked together in perfect harmony. The machine had a wonderful smell, a blend of oil and old fuel. That moment was a revelation to me…
I haven’t stopped thinking, dreaming, breathing and talking about motorcycles since. These machines are much more than just a way of transport. These machines are an obsession and they have definitely shaped my life."

Laurent Amann was trained in France and has an extensive engineering-design background in the automotive industry. He is always extending his expertise through creative research and strives to achieve balance and elegance of form through innovative, quality workmanship. Enthused by all things handmade, he has a particular fascination with metal as a medium.

Laurent has always had an interest in vintage & classic vehicles and he has completed various projects based on some of the most iconic machines.
At STORIK, he tends to work very much according to the brief of his clients and his portfolio includes a variety of applications such as classic/vintage cars, motorcycles, vintage aircraft, and also sculptures and furniture design.
He can intervene at any stage of a project from the very first design phase to the final polishing for a perfect finish!